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street photography

Basics, every day occurrences and the extra ordinary

The basics of street photography
Since the popular beginnings of street photography with Henri Cartier-Bresson  and Vivian Maier in the 50ies and 60ies of the past century, it took a down turn during the past decades and was virtually  forgotten by active photographers.
The documentation of regular every day life in public places had become a thing of the past.
However,  as a result of world wide communication networks, a transformation has taken place.  Internet communities and smart phones are now ruling the images generated on and coming from streets.  These picture documentations highlight actual content and not necessarily composition and image quality.  But, the interest in scenes from every day life and public spaces was reborn among a wide group of the public.
Since then,  a new group of active street photographers has emerged; all with the goal to provide realistic images of our society and the world around us. 
Here I am, working with my camera to add to these impressions from the street.

My street photography
I am a photographer of man. I am especially interested in people in public spaces where they move as individuals with their own personality.  Part of their surroundings,  influenced by situations, I am trying to capture real moments, get real life snap shots.

That is the reason why I create my impressions  with spontaneity and without being noticed. Only when my objects are not distracted by my presence  will the images and impressions be authentic and honest.  Only then will they be a true reflection of life in streets.

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