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About me
Born 1956 in Nuremberg, I studied economics and communication sciences during the seventies.  In the eighties and nineties , various corporations employed my services in the areas of trade development, strategic planning and expansion.  Shortly thereafter I started my consulting firm specializing in environmental and corporate organization.  In 2008 I left my firm for my “true love” , photography and this is what I do exclusively and without looking back.

Already as a school boy, I went on discoveries with my small camera and paid special attention to people, always looking for that one ”great shot” and memorable moment.  Very soon I advanced to being the court photographer , who had the eye for special moments and the skill to create unforgettable shots of people and happenings.
When I turned 18 I was finally able to afford my own advanced reflex camera gear.  Since then, photography was always by my side, always part of me. Still, people are my favorite subjects. The first few years I was busy in  the world of fashion and beauty and created photo stories or engaged in event photography.
Later, it was street photography that caught my full interest.  And that is what I do today. I came back to the roots of discovery and the many moments that life creates for me, moments that are unique and will never be repeated. People are again on center stage.

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